Everybody loves to travel but keeping kids calm on a flight or in hotel rooms can be a task in itself. Buying travel gifts for kids can keep them calm and busy through most of the trip. However, that can be tricky too. Will they want to take their gift with them? Would they like it enough to play with it or not? And for how long would these gifts keep them entertained before they get bored of them?

Here’s our list of the best gifts to buy for your kids to keep them calm, busy, and also happy during your travels;



Get them their own gear for the trip. It will be fun and they will organize their own stuff. Get the ride on bags or cute Disney bags which kids love to flaunt.

Travel pillow


Gift travel pillows to keep kids at peace and hopefully, asleep. You can get travel pillows of their favorite color, cartoon print, or animal shape.

Volume limiting headphones


Almost all airlines provide headphones. But if you have a kid who is going to be on a device for a long time, consider buying him/her volume limiting headphones.

Travel Journals


Travel journals are the most creative way to track your vacations while keeping your kids busy. Buy sticker-based journals to make it interesting for them to dot things down.

3D drawing pad


Drawings come to life with black ink and the stereographic background. Just don’t lose the 3-D glasses. This works best for preteens or even teenagers.

Scratch art portable light box

Travel Gifts for Kids

This saves you the exercise of searching for crayons under the seat. Surprise your young artist with this light-up, glowing treat. You might want to buy extras sheets.

Scratch off travel map


Even adults will love this scratch map. However, remember to buy a smaller, travel-version scratch map of the location you are travelling to.

Rubik’s cube or snake

rubiks cube

This is a great fiddle toy to keep your kids busy for a long time. Kids will be occupied while trying to convert it into the color of their choice.

Kindle Paperwhite


If your kid loves books, a Kindle is an essential, not an option. Preload it with kids’ books, picture story books, reading books etc. If they already own a Kindle, books or book vouchers for Kindle make a great gift too.



A tidy little box with magnets that allows kids to create crazy faces. This is a great non-digital activity, most suited for in-flight entertainment for the tiny tots.

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