Getting gifts from a vacation for your loved ones tells them that you were thinking of them while lying on the beach or sipping that wine in the Napa Valley. Even a small souvenir, a postcard, a local produce, or even a tiny keychain, would be special for the recipient as it would make them feel that you thought about them when you were away and also, took time out to shop especially for them. A little bit of planning will help you get the best gifts without spending all your time shopping.

Here are few tips to pick up some great gifts for your family and friends while on a vacation;

  • Do some research on the local products, handicrafts, famous souvenirs, food or wine that you can get from the place that you are visiting.
  • Find out the custom regulation and limit of both the countries, the one you are travelling to and your home country, so that you do not get into any trouble with the authorities.
  • Make a list of people that you intend to buy gifts for. This will ensure that you avoid any embarrassing situations in social gatherings where you might have bought something for one of your cousins and forgot about his/her brother!
  • Always leave some extra room in your suitcase to accommodate your shopping. Carry an extra bag, if required.
  • Pack some bubble wrap and printed labels with addresses where you want to send the gifts to, in case you want to post/courier the gifts while you are still travelling.
  • Remember the gifts need not be expensive. It can be something as simple as a picture of the place you have visited, a beautiful sunset that you captured or the locally produced wines or oils.
  • Personalize your gifts by including a printed picture of the place you purchased the gift from or a hand-written note to go with it.
  • Write up a description of the place, a journal-like entry of where you found the gift, and why you picked it up for this particular friend or family member.

Travel is said to be a treasure hunt. Keep your eyes wide open and you are bound to find something really special in the out-of-the-way gift stores, local markets, or with private artisans. And remember it is a piece of your vacation that you are bringing back. And that would make all the difference to the person you are gifting it to.

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