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Cashless Gifting This Wedding Season

At a time when the world seems to move forward towards a cashless society, gifting during this wedding season has pretty much gone digital, too. No longer are we expected to wrap our gifts in pretty boxes and lug them around to the venue. Besides, if you are the bride or the groom, the last… Read more »

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5 Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend On Her Wedding Day

She is the girl who stuck it out through everything from your first breakup to your first promotion. She drank with you till late in the night and woke up early mornings to go on a run with you. She silently ate those burnt eggs on your first attempt at cooking. She helped you shop… Read more »

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Gift Ideas for Parents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary

There are so many presents that can be considered as 25th anniversary gifts for parents. Your gift need not be expensive but it has to reflect your emotions. You need not spend a lot as long as you know the purpose and importance of that gift. Here are some gift ideas to make your parents… Read more »