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10 Fabulous Reading Rooms In The World

We love libraries. Can’t get enough of bookstores. And we really enjoy coffee shops we can read in. We are always in search of cozy, beautiful places to curl up with a good book. Hence, we went searching for a few unique reading rooms around the world. Comfort, intimacy, atmosphere and a great view play a… Read more »

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How to Channel Your Inner French Girl – The Reading List

This is the second installment in a three-part series. If you have been dreaming of spoonfuls of caviar and bottomless flutes of champagne, this reading list will help you satisfy that feeling of wanderlust — at least while you’re reading. A Reading Guide For Our Fellow Francophiles 1. L’Affaire In Diane Johnson’s L’Affaire, a young… Read more »

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Gift Ideas for Avid Readers

Sometimes it is hard to buy a book even for someone you know very well. You know the genre they like, you know their favorite author but still are not sure if they haven’t read it yet. So for those of you with a book lover who’s read everything under the sun, we have a… Read more »