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What Does It Actually Mean To Love Yourself

Many of us know that we need to be love ourselves, but what does this actually mean? Since most of us had little or no role modeling regarding loving ourselves when we were growing up, it’s often challenging to know what loving ourselves looks like. Loving yourself doesn’t mean: “I’m just going to take care of me. Too… Read more »

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Cashless Gifting This Wedding Season

At a time when the world seems to move forward towards a cashless society, gifting during this wedding season has pretty much gone digital, too. No longer are we expected to wrap our gifts in pretty boxes and lug them around to the venue. Besides, if you are the bride or the groom, the last… Read more »

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Pazzion – A Shoeoholic’s Best Friend

Always envied Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe wall? Do you get serious shoe-envy whenever you watch the Sex & The City re-runs or films? Now you can have your own! If you have shoes in more colors than you can remember, or want to add to your never-ending collection of footwear, you would love this brand. Born in 2002 to cater to… Read more »

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Why Gift Cards Are The New Big Thing

Weddings. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Have we not always found it easier to gift cash than go through the trouble of scouting for the perfect gift? But let us also agree that, it has been widely stigmatized as a thoughtless gift chosen by the lazy bones, and a well-wrapped gift is more personal, and socially more acceptable…. Read more »

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5 Tips For Buying Gift Cards for Everybody

Though they are branded as impersonal, gift cards are the most popular gifts today and top the wish list of people. The freedom to select their own gift and get it when they want has clicked and many of us prefer to get gift cards even when they come with a small fee. Gift cards… Read more »

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What to do with Unwanted Gift Cards?

With the holiday season just gone, chances are you must be having a small pile of gift cards that you received. While you will be using most of them, there might be few cards which you might not use at all. What do you do with these cards? Here are few options: Regift If the… Read more »