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GuavaPass | One Pass. One Community.

Whether fitness is your mantra for life, or healthy living your new-found way of daily life, GuavaPass is the answer to all your fitness and health-related queries. GuavaPass is the largest community of high-quality fitness studios and healthy-living experts, that gives you access to unlimited classes, exclusive events with wellness experts, community classes and a range of… Read more »

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Why Gift Cards Are The New Big Thing

Weddings. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Have we not always found it easier to gift cash than go through the trouble of scouting for the perfect gift? But let us also agree that, it has been widely stigmatized as a thoughtless gift chosen by the lazy bones, and a well-wrapped gift is more personal, and socially more acceptable…. Read more »

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5 Tips For Buying Gift Cards for Everybody

Though they are branded as impersonal, gift cards are the most popular gifts today and top the wish list of people. The freedom to select their own gift and get it when they want has clicked and many of us prefer to get gift cards even when they come with a small fee. Gift cards… Read more »

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The Benefits of Giving a Gift Card

Gift cards are the most popular gifts for any occasion these days. It is one of the easiest gifts you can buy without worrying about giving something the recipient doesn’t like. It’s a gift of freedom to buy whatever you want and whenever you want. Gift cards are here to stay and here is why:… Read more »