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Gift Ideas For The Person Who Has Everything

What to get the person who has everything is a hard question to answer for most of us. Yet it’s practically a law of gift giving that at least one person on our gift shopping list, whether it’s a boss or a grandfather, has everything. If you’ve been scrounging through ads, surfing the websites, and… Read more »

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9 Fun And Unique Work Desk Accessories

Your workplace can speak volumes about your personality. Just like with everything else, decorating your desk is a way of expression. Fun desk accessories are a choice, a way of life. With this guide, we provide you with nine natty desk gifts to help alleviate those gray mornings, no matter where your workspace is. Funky… Read more »

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5 Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend On Her Wedding Day

She is the girl who stuck it out through everything from your first breakup to your first promotion. She drank with you till late in the night and woke up early mornings to go on a run with you. She silently ate those burnt eggs on your first attempt at cooking. She helped you shop… Read more »

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10 Awesome Gifts Ideas For Your Boss

Let’s admit it. Our boss at work is our best mentor. Part authority figure, part dispenser of advice, part sympathetic listener, part solution provider, our boss has always been there for us. So when it comes to showing appreciation and gratitude to our bosses, let us go beyond just the regular ‘World’s Best Boss’ coffee… Read more »

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Top 5 Gift Ideas for Hari Raya Haji

Hari Raya Haji, being celebrated on the August 12th this year, is an eagerly awaited and most celebrated festival in Singapore. Muslims all over the world, remember their faith with prayer and reflection on this day. Also known as the Festival of Sacrifice, it gives us all an opportunity to make an everlasting impression in… Read more »

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5 Great Gift Ideas for Artists In Your Life

Buying gifts for artists or the creative kind needs a little extra thinking. You can either buy them something that will make their work fun or gift them something that will appeal to their artistic mind. Here is a list of gifts to inspire them for their next great art piece. 1. Bag/Carrycase for their… Read more »

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Unique Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers

Tea lovers can be tough to shop for because there are only a few things that go into enjoying a cup of tea. But having the perfect tea accessory and the perfect tea leaves can make all the difference. Here are some of the best gift ideas for tea lovers to make drinking tea less… Read more »

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Unusual Gag Gifts to Tickle the Funny Bone

Make your loved ones laugh and smile at the same time with witty, funny, and unusual gifts. These gifts are best for people who take humor seriously and love to laugh and make people laugh. Here is out list of gag gifts that will brighten up anyone’s day. Emergency clown nose This emergency clown nose… Read more »

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Cool Tech Gifts for Her This Valentine’s Day

If you have a girlfriend who is more into technology than into fashion, Valentine’s Day is just about the right time to buy her some new tech toys to play with. Resist the urge to buy the predictable gifts this season and give her the tech-centric gift that truly would stand out. Style and function are… Read more »