A gift is supposed to bring happiness to the recipient and if it is a zen gift it will also bring positivity, balance, and relaxed energy to their homes or offices. Here is a list of top zen gifts for your loved ones focused on meditation and intuition.

Lucky bamboo stacks

Bamboo stalks

Lucky bamboo is supposed to bring balance in home. It is easy to grow and take care of and is a fine addition to any room or desk

Zen music CD

Zen music cd

Zen music helps you to calm you spirit and settle your mind. Gift a zen music CD for balance and relaxation.

Prayer beads or bracelet

prayer beads

Tibetan prayer beads and bracelets are very popular zen gifts. Prayer and meditation can be greatly enhanced by simply using the prayer beads.

Table top fountain


According to zen tradition, splashing water drops on stones represent the concept of perfect harmony and natural balance.

Buddha board

buddha board

The Buddha board helps you to absorb and focus on the here and now while you create artistic images that fade to reveal new perspectives and ideas every time you paint.

Feng Shui desktop gong

desktop gong

Believed to ward off bad spirits and evil presences, desktop gong has a clear and purifying ring. The strength and power of the sound of a gong resonates deeply in the soul.

Zen meditation box

meditation box

Zen meditation box is used to spark meditative calm. Focus on the now, spark your creativity; nourish hidden thoughts, private reflections, and creative yearnings.

Zen ball

zen ball

Rhythm soothes and helps you calm the conscious mind. This minimalist gadget lets you make a transcendent knocking sound for your daily moment of winding down and relaxation.

Incense burner

incense burner

The Tibetan incense burner lets you relax and de-stress after a long day with the powerful, fragrant scent of your favorite incense.


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