Unwanted Gifts Cards

With the holiday season just gone, chances are you must be having a small pile of gift cards that you received. While you will be using most of them, there might be few cards which you might not use at all. What do you do with these cards? Here are few options:


If the card was not personalized for you and if it doesn’t have your name on it, you can regift it to someone you think will be using it. Don’t regifting it just for the sake of it but give it to someone who you think will like the card and use it.


Consider adding your cards to a digital wallet or App to keep track of them. Most retailers have apps that let you transfer the value of gift card to them. This will minimize your chances of losing the cards


You can donate the cards to charity. There are websites which help you choose where to donate your cards and you might also get a tax deduction for this good deed.


Exchanging your cards is very easy. There are lots of websites that have gift card exchanges where you can trade your cards with other people who want to exchange their cards.


Last but possible option is to sell the cards that you do not need. There are websites which help you sell your cards. You will not get the full value of your card but you will get some percentage value of the card.

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