Celebrating Chinese New Year with your Chinese friends can be great, but, when the cultural gap is large, it can be really easy to give the wrong gift. While gifts are much appreciated, the Chinese culture has certain traditions and etiquettes that must be followed or kept in mind before buying a gift.

Avoid this by taking a look at this list, and making sure that you don’t give the wrong gift. Here are a few gift ideas that are a complete no-no for any Chinese celebration:


As per the Chinese tradition, clocks indicate that time is running out, therefore it can signify the end of a relationship or even life. Avoid giving clocks as gifts.


A handkerchief is presumed to be a farewell gift and hence, is considered as a sign of breakup, or end of a friendship.

Gifts In Sets Of Fours

Gifts in the sets of fours are considered inauspicious because the sound of four is similar to the sound of death in Chinese.

Anything In White Or Black

White and black colors are often used during funerals. Hence, gifting someone, anything black or white or gifts even wrapped in black or white paper or bag is considered a bad omen.


Mirrors break easily and anything that is breakable is considered bad omen in most of the Asian cultures. Mirrors are even said to attract malicious ghosts. Hence, you must stay away from gifting mirrors.

Apart from the above, pears, cut flowers (especially white), shoes, umbrellas, and sharp objects are all considered as bad gifts in Chinese culture. Keep these traditions in mind before you decide to buy a gift for someone this lunar new year.

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