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Buying gifts for the travelers in your life? People who travel a lot already have lot of things they need for their frequent travels. Though it is the thought that counts, here is a list of what NOT to give:


Unless you know your friend’s favorite brand or type of bag he/she likes, don’t buy luggage for a frequent traveler.

Headphones without noise cancelling

All travelers love headphones but almost all of them hate headphones which have bad or no noise cancelling. Either get them the best noise cancelling headphones available in the market or don’t buy at all.

Power converters

Almost all regular wall adapters work well these days. The fancy pricey converters are not useful anymore. All you need is a good adapter plug to fit in different outlets.

Travel Clothing

Socks for sure are useful for travel but they don’t make good gifts. Clothes don’t make good gifts unless you know the person really well and you should also know the fit and brand they like. Everything else will be an extra luggage.


People aren’t travelling to countries with multiple outlet shapes during one trip. Even if they are, packing two or three adapter plugs is way easier. The bulky multi adapters are a BIG no.

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