Types of Gifters

We all buy gifts for our loved ones, colleagues, or clients every year. While some of have a proper list and budget made at the beginning of year and choose the gifts keeping the recipient in mind, some of us rush to buy gifts last minute. Some like to give lavish gifts while others believe in thrifty yet personalized gifts. There as many gifting styles as there are people. Find out your gifting style:

The thoughtful gifter

This gifter takes gifting very seriously and has everything well planned. They will ensure that the gift is useful and you will enjoy receiving it. You don’t have to be worried about getting a bad gift from such gifters.

The lazy gifter

A lazy gifter spends the least time researching about what to buy. Any number of reminders they set are usually not helpful as they end up postponing it. The lazy gifter will either just call with well wishes for a Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas, mail a card (e-cards are even better), or may even spring for a gift card if they are feeling generous (or guilty) enough.

The thrifty gifter

A thrifty gifter is always on look out for gifts they can buy during sales or on offers. Most of the times they are very insecure about their gift and feel their gift are inadequate.

The advice-seeking gifter

This type of gifters usually try their best to get information about what the recipient would like as a gift. They will ask the recipients friends, family or even the recipient for suggestions most of the times. They need someone to endorse their choice of gift.

The re-gifter

There are chronic re-gifters who have the art of regifting their less than ideal present to someone who might find it ideal. They have no qualms about keeping detailed lists of the date, occasion, and source of the unwanted gift to make sure they don’t give it back to the original gifter.

The fun loving gifter

This type of gifter loves to put a smile on people’s face. They will get funny and quirky gifts and pack them creatively. These gifters typically put a lot of thought into the presents they buy, and may go to elaborate lengths to make sure the recipient is absolutely clueless up to the moment the wrapping paper is torn to open the gift.

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