She is the girl who stuck it out through everything from your first breakup to your first promotion. She drank with you till late in the night and woke up early mornings to go on a run with you. She silently ate those burnt eggs on your first attempt at cooking. She helped you shop for each of your dates. And came over with cakes and balloons on your birthday each year, even though you both knew it never is a surprise. She is your go-to person. You would do anything for her and you know she would do it too. And when she is getting married, it is your one good chance to gift her that perfect gift that defines her very self.

A little perceptiveness and creativity go a long way in making her wedding gift an unforgettable one. Put in a little thought into choosing a meaningful gift for her and see her beam from ear to ear. Put the gifting of materialistic stuff on hold and think on the lines of gifting experiences instead. Gifting the right experience rates high on the happiness scale as it gives so much more lasting joy than cutlery or jewelry.

Finding the right gifting experience is not a tough task. But you must realize that even with ‘experiences’, one size doesn’t fit all! You know her the best to know the kind of experience that she will enjoy the most.

  1. If your best friend is anything like me and enjoys the thrill of a good adventure, you could gift her the experience of skydiving, hot air ballooning or paragliding.
  2. If she is the one that moons at the rom-coms, gift her vouchers for a cruise. No one can forget the spectacular dining experience set amidst the gorgeous blue waters.
  3. If she is interested in arts and culture, you could gift her vouchers to the nearest play or art exhibition. Spoil her rotten with the choices. She could pick any!
  4. If she hasn’t come a long way from burning eggs on her first attempt at cooking, it might be a good idea to gift her a course of the most sought-after culinary classes in Singapore. You can be rest-assured that she would enjoy the process of learning the art of culinary bling!
  5. Pack the newly-weds a picnic and send them off to the local park. Let them spend a day with each other amidst the natural setting. She would never be able to thank you enough for this.

These are but needles in the haystack when it comes to the diverse creative and lifestyle experiences that you could gift your best friend on her wedding. It will be a long time before you run out of gifting options that stray from the beaten track! Put in the little extra effort because she is worth it!

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