Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to remind people how much you love them and the joy that they bring to your life. Buying a gift for this day of love need not be a task if you know the person well. But when it comes to women, choosing a gift is always tough. We have put together a few gift ideas for teenage girls that they would absolutely love!

Here is a list to help you find a gift that a young woman would enjoy getting for Valentine’s Day.


Every girl likes being pampered and what’s better than a trip to the local salon for a manicure or a pedicure! You can buy her a gift card for the local spa and she can choose to go when she likes. You can even book a session for the two of you and this gift will be sure to please and leave your little tween feeling both loved and pampered.

Monogram Necklace

All girls love bling and if it is a personalized one, it makes it all the more special. Buy her a monogrammed necklace, pendant or a cute bracelet this Valentine’s Day.

Concert/Event Tickets

Why not buy concert tickets for an all-age concert and you two can have some fun time together. You might need to check with her parents to make sure she is back before her curfew.

Home Baked Goods

Homemade goods are always cherished. You can bake heart shaped cookies or her favorite treats and pack them for her. You can actually bake together and this can be a fun activity to spend some good time together.

Stuffed Toys

Every girl loves a stuffed toy. A teddy bear, a minion or even a funny emoji pillow is a sure way to please your lover.

Personalized Photo Puzzle

You can pick a picture of you both and turn it into a personalized puzzle. It can be a special gift and also inexpensive at the same time.

Wall Art

If you are artistic enough, you can try making a wall art or something for her room. She would absolutely love that and it would constantly remind her of your feelings whenever she sees it in her room. If you are not the artistic types, you can always buy her some inexpensive art.

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