Gifts for New parents

Getting gifts for baby shower or for new parents can be confusing at times. You might end up buying same gifts as others or the gifts might not be useful. Getting a cute gift is not enough; you need to select a gift that is useful too.  Following is a list of useful gifts for a baby shower or for new parents.

Personal ultra sound machine

Portable Ultrasound machine

If budget is not an issue, buy a portable personal ultrasound machine which connects directly to a smart phone.

Auto closing pacifier


Hygiene is the number one concern for parents. If you are considering gifting a pacifier for the new born, get a one that closes when it drops.

Portable high chair

portable high chair

A portable high chair makes a good gift, if the parents are frequent travelers.

Pacifier Thermometer

pacifier with Thermometer

A pacifier with a built in thermometer definitely makes parents job easier.

Storage pouch for stroller

Stroller storage

A zippered storage pouch can help the new parents store their belongings in the strollers.

Bathtub divider

bath tub divider

A bath tub divider is very useful if there is no space for a new baby tub. It saves water and space both.

Baby carrier with a hood

baby carrier

Gift a baby carrier with a hood. This will be perfect for the chilly winters.

Childproofing kit

child proofing

Buy a childproofing kit to help the new parents make their home safe for the baby.

Keepsake chest

keep sake chest

Get them a customized chest/box to save memorable things like baby’s hospital ID bracelet, greeting cards, first pictures, etc.


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