gag gifts

Make your loved ones laugh and smile at the same time with witty, funny, and unusual gifts. These gifts are best for people who take humor seriously and love to laugh and make people laugh. Here is out list of gag gifts that will brighten up anyone’s day.

Emergency clown nose

clown nose

This emergency clown nose is perfect for situations when you need to bring in the power of humor.

Zombie survival guide

zombie survival guide

For the zombie fans who are looking for a guide to survive the zombie apocalypse. It has all the tips and tricks anyone would need when the zombies attack.

Instant Excuse ball

instant excuse ball

This excuse ball produces and excuse faster that the speediest thinker. Just shake the ball and you have an excuse ready for anything and everything.

Beardski ski mask

bearded ski mask

Add humor to any ski ensemble with this stay warm ski mask.

F in exams

F in exams

F in Exams is a book that explores some of the best wrong answers ever given on tests. Sometimes the dumbest among us are the wittiest and this book shares their insightful humor.

Facebook like and dislike stamps

like and dislike stamp

For all the social media fans and for those looking to please a social media fan. These like and dislike stamps add fun to any team or classroom.

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