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Thinking of buying a gift for your fitness buddy or a loved one who is into fitness? Fitness gifts need not be boring. Whether the person receiving the gift is gym freak, avid runner, or spends hours doing Yoga, we have a list of fun fitness friendly gift suggestions for you.



Pedometer can be gifted to people of all fitness levels. It motivates even the laziest of people when they see the numbers increasing while they walk. Buy a smart pedometer which can is interactive, water-proof, can check heart rate and can set goals to motivate.

Acupressure mat


Acupressure mats are perfect for relaxing while it stimulates the happy hormone in your body. It’s perfect to bring on a calming, soothing effect to treat stress, fatigue, and soreness. Gift is to someone who needs to relax after a heavy duty workout.

Five fingers running shoes

five finger shoes

These make perfect gift for someone who loves to run. These shoes are not restricting and give the same feel as a barefoot run and allow foot muscles to be better stimulated and strengthened.

Foam rollers

foam rollers

Foam rollers are versatile and can be used with any fitness activity. A professional quality and high-density foam roller is great for stretching, yoga, and Pilates, and it also helps to alleviate back and neck pains.

Sleep manager

sleep manager

Proper rest is the key to good results from any work out. Gift a sleep management system that tracks the user’s sleep pattern and gives suggestions and tips to improve his or her sleep habits.

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