Bon Voyage

With all the advances in modern technology, travelling these days is much easier and more people are travelling now. Be it a vacation, for work or to study; travelling is part of life now. Here is a list of top gifts you can buy for someone travelling abroad. While it is the thought that counts, keep the terms ‘useful’ and ‘lightweight’ in mind while choosing gifts for people who are going to travel.

Luggage tag

luggage Tag

Luggage tags are light and very useful gifts. Oversized, bright, or funny; choose luggage tags that will stand out and help your friend/family identify their luggage faster.

Passport holder

passport holder

A passport holder with zippered pockets helps to keep all the travel documents safe and organized.

Multi day back pack


Get a backpack that is small enough to fit in a suitcase but big enough to fit in items for 2-3 days. This can also be used as a carry on bag.

Neck pillow and sleep mask

neck pillow

For someone going on a long plane ride, neck pillows and sleep masks make thoughtful and useful gifts. Get a good sleep mask that can block the light.

All purpose jackets

all purpose Jacket

Buy a waterproof, lightweight, easily foldable all purpose jacket with many pockets. This can be used in any weather and is compact enough to be carried in a hand bag or backpack.

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