The world talks ever so much about the sacrifices a mother has to make to raise a child. It is seldom that the struggle of a father is applauded in the same way. The sacrifices a father makes often are regarded as his duties and the appreciation is always denied. But the bond shared between dad and daughter is one that can’t be overlooked.

Here are a few things that a daughter would always be thankful to her dad for:

  • Bringing her into this world

The decision to have a baby is as much a lady’s as the man’s. Every girl is thankful to her dad for wanting her and rejoicing at her birth.

  • Raising a girl like he did

Being able to give your child everything is great but being able to give the daughter the freedom to make her own decisions is incredible. For allowing her to develop a sense of responsibility by giving her the freedom to choose and have her own experiences, a girl would always be thankful to her dad.

  • Being there through the downs

Seeing your daughter go through a failure must be heartbreaking. Smiling through it and being there for her, a bigger task. Showing her that failures can only make her stronger, would make the daughter love her father more.

  • Giving her wings

Going against the societal norms, fathers bring up their daughters with the same fervour as they would their sons. Being allowed to pursue her dreams, and discover herself each day, is a blessing only a father can bestow upon his daughter. To let her blossom into a strong and independent woman is something that every girl will be thankful to her dad for.

  • Believing in her

Despite the wrong choices she makes, and all the mistakes, a father’s belief in the daughter never wavered. This helps her make braver decisions. And is also the one thing that a girl would be thankful to her dad for.

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