art of gifting

They say every gift from a friend is a wish for happiness. It is not just exchange of things; it reflects your emotions and wishes for the person you are gifting it to. It is not a very difficult task to find a thoughtful and memorable gift if you know the art of gifting. It just takes some creativity and perspective. We have the following tips to help you choose the best gift ‘always’:


This is the most important tip. You need to observe the people for whom you want to buy the gift. People are constantly dropping hints about what their likes and dislikes are, often when you least expect it.

Keep their personality in mind

Matching a gift to someone’s personality always shows that you care and you know them. Different types of people enjoy different gifts. Consider their niche or hobby before you set out to buy a gift for them.

Be creative

When you make the gifts yourself or personalize them according to the recipient’s choice, it shows your loved one that you used your time, energy, and creative juice to get them something nice. It also makes your gift exclusive and memorable.

Give your time

Sometimes the most important thing to give a loved one is your time. Consider gifting some experience which both of you can enjoy. Or gift them sometime for themselves by offering to taking care of their chores while they enjoy some private time.

Give for good luck

Giving gifts for wishing luck are always appreciated. If the recipient is starting something new or moving into a new home, something to wish them luck makes a perfect gift. You can also buy a gift associated with their zodiac sign.

Whatever you decide to give remember that it is the thought that counts and don’t forget to put thought and creativity into your gifts.

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