Think beyond the traditional gifts like flowers and cards, this Mother’s Day. If your mom is just as tech savvy as you are, go ahead and pamper her with a few gadgets that she would love to show off.

Here is our list of top tech gifts you can buy for your mom, this Mother’s Day;

Mobile case

tech gifts for mom

If she loves her new mobile phone and doesn’t seem to be able to just put it down, how about getting her a personalized mobile cover? Write out a cute note or have it embossed with your pictures. The options are plenty!

Power bank

tech gifts for mom

With so many errands to run and so many things to do, let your mom not worry about running about of her mobile phone battery. Gift her a sliding power sleeve that rapidly charges smartphones and can slide off the case easily once the phone is charged.

Speaker system

tech gifts for mom

For the moms who love listening to music while cooking or have a great collection of songs that they like to play when hosting parties and get-togethers, get them a wireless speaker system that can stream music directly from multiple devices.

Smart plugs

tech gifts for mom

Smart plugs can connect to lights and appliances allowing users to control their home devices from one app. How do you think your mom is going to like it?


tech gifts for mom

This is for our moms who have the dozen ‘to do’ lists stuck on their fridge. An eWriter can easily save, share, and edit notes and drawings. This device is compact and handy, just what our mothers need.

Tracking device

tech gifts for mom

This is for moms who constantly seem to be misplacing their keys. A coin-sized device that tracks valuable items, such as keys makes for a cool little gadget that can be attached to anything from keychains to handbags.

Portable photo printer

tech gifts for mom

Because having printed photos is still cool. Gift your mom a portable photo printer that can print directly from a smartphone without having to connect to any data cables.

iPad wall mount

tech gifts for mom

Browsing for new recipes while cooking or watching their favorite videos while relaxing, an easy to install iPad wall mount would be of great value and would provide that extra comfort that our mothers deserve.

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