For it is in giving that we receive.

With the rise of self-gifting, this quote can be taken literally. Chances are that  you have been practising this all your life, knowingly or unknowingly;

  • Shopped for yourself while shopping gifts for others
  • Rewarded yourself for doing a boring or difficult task
  • Added an item or two for yourself while making a gifting list for others

If your answer is yes to any or all of the above questions (or even if it is a no), read on to know why it is highly recommended.

Why you should do it

In an increasingly “self-centric” society, shopping for yourself while shopping for others is simply gaining an upward trend. Messages of “reward yourself” and “you’re special” permeate society; today’s generations have come of age in a world where self-love has been considered something of a virtue.

It allows you to satisfy your own desires rather than relying on other people to make you happy. It’s arguable that this atmosphere results in happier, more fulfilled individuals. It also means that a concept like self-gifting, which would have been laughed off in yesteryear, makes more sense in today’s world.

Practical Applicability

In today’s cost-conscious world,  shoppers often keep their eyes peeled for necessities, and not just the fun stuff, when they’re out looking for gifts.

Being curious and adventurous contributes to happiness, so long as we exercise good judgment along the way, making a cost-benefit analysis of when it’s wise to yield to temptation and when it isn’t.

Everybody’s doing it

Young holiday shoppers who pick out their gifts online have a little secret. They like to slip in a purchase or two for themselves as they pick out sweaters and gadgets for everyone else. Online shoppers subconsciously practice self-gifting as they tend to be more spontaneous, self-indulgent and crave instant gratification.

It Is Trending

Self-gifting is projected to increase in the coming few years. Last year, a whopping 77 % of holiday shoppers reported buying a non-gift item for themselves. This year, the amount shoppers spend on such purchases is projected to grow.

eCommerce giants are openly promoting this concept.
“Because even if you’ve crossed off everyone on your list, it’s always OK to #treatyourself”.

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