Birthdays can be really special to some of us, well.. to all of us. Making it just as much harder to find that perfect birthday gift for our loved ones. We have put together a few tips that would help you sail through the process of finding the perfect birthday gift:

  1. Nostalgic Nudge

Take them on a trip down the memory lane. Nostalgia recreates the meaningful bond you share with your loved one and, in the process, fosters a renewed sense of connection and attachment. Give them a ‘throwback’ gift. Some of the most popular ones are vintage instant cameras, a collection of comics or a Nintendo game boy.

  1. Find the Common Ground

Gifts can act as markers of similarity in tastes and interests between the loved ones and you. The perfect gift can show that you care for and understand your loved one, the best. So, if you two love travelling together, get him a sleeping bag, or if you spend most of your time playing video games together, get him something from Lazada’s gaming shop. You can find some fabulous gift cards here.

  1. Newer, the Better

Everybody is interested in the newest products in the market. Be it the launch of the latest i-phone, or the new range of lipstick from your favourite brand. Anything new generates a special level of excitement. Also, this gives you a wide variety to choose from. A selfie stick to a drone camera for the photography lovers. Or the latest laptop or mobile phone for the gadget freaks. The options are aplenty.

  1. The Element of Surprise

Think of ‘surprise’ as the key to giving the perfect gift. A perfect and delightful gift is something that both pleases and surprises your loved one. The trick is to make the gifts as personal as possible, and try to add an element of surprise in it. One simple tip would be to add a hand-written note with anything that decide to buy for your loved one.

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