To satiate your love for Indian food, to redefine its very image, and to set new standards in fine dining, Maziga Indian Bar & Grill brings you all the traditional favourites with new and never heard before twists to resonate with the ever-inquisitive and modern palate of every Singaporean.

Maziga is an attempt to redefine the way Indian food is viewed in Singapore. And to add to this, Maziga also serves cocktails and mocktails to thrill and excite you. The full-view bar looks quite enticing if you are in the mood for something exotic. Maziga also promises a gamut of performances from Bhangara troupes showing you their moves and to get you grooving to the beats of dhol and tasha.

Flavours From The Land Of Maharajas
A dining experience at Maziga takes patrons on a culinary journey through the diverse flavours of India. The smoky flavour of dishes coming straight from a tandoor to the dining table is an experience to be had. Augmenting the experience is the food presentation, as the dishes are presented in unique combinations, promising an exotic burst of flavours.

Must Haves:
Beer Zara
Bevdo K1 Barat
Old Delhi Golgappa
Chat with Chilled Jaljeera (powdered herbs that have been given a Heston-esque treatment of liquid nitrogen)
Rum Maro Rum
Mushroom Cappuccino Shorba
Lamb Galouti Kebab in Maska Burger
Bhatti Ka Mugh

A Dining Experience You Will Not Forget
The ambience at Maziga is intimate, with the dimly lit interior highlighted by spotlights and shadows. Casual, simple, and functional wooden furniture line the tiled floor, while the bar displays rows upon rows of bottles in the background. Maziga takes everything that is hearty and comforting about the traditional Indian cuisine and ignites it with a spark of modern culinary wizardry.

Traverse the sights, sounds and flavours of India by tickling your taste buds at the 80-seater restaurant located on the ground floor, before grooving to the beats of Bollywood in the Maziga Club housed directly above it. For a greater sensory experience, the grill also boasts a live tandoor oven by the doorway so you can see and smell your meats sizzling within.

Written by Mooments

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