Whether fitness is your mantra for life, or healthy living your new-found way of daily life, GuavaPass is the answer to all your fitness and health-related queries.

GuavaPass is the largest community of high-quality fitness studios and healthy-living experts, that gives you access to unlimited classes, exclusive events with wellness experts, community classes and a range of perks from healthy living partners in your city. Learn and practice anything from yoga, pilates to TRX. There is something for everyone! All classes have been hand selected by a team of fitness enthusiasts, who live and breathe a healthy lifestyle. GuavaPass wholeheartedly believes in the fitness revolution.

The Best In Premium Fitness Classes

They have curated an elite list of fitness classes in Singapore and Asia, empowering you with an unlimited variety of classes from yoga to kickboxing, spinning to dance, CrossFit to pilates. A new way to sweat every day!

Their online platform is designed to find the classes you want that fit in with your schedule and interests.

Work Hard, Feel Good

With GuavaPass, everything is made simpler to accommodate fitness into your schedule and your choice of workout for the day.

Unlimited Classes

GuavaPass members can try their hand at the exciting range of unlimited classes with their favorite studio partners on the platform.


As a member, you can get exclusive access to events with wellness experts in your city, take part in community classes and avail a range of privileges from the best healthy-living partners in your city. Discover and explore quality fitness studios and meet like-minded healthy living enthusiasts on your journey to a better lifestyle. Feel the euphoric, endorphin-filled rush after a stellar workout, each day.

Wake Up. Sweat. Feel Good. Repeat.

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