Looking for a thoughtful gift with a lower environmental impact? Whether you are a nature lover, responsible citizen, crusader of eco-friendly lifestyle or all the three, we have a list of eco-friendly gifts which would reflect your ideals.

Bamboo coasters

bamboo coasters

Made from sustainable bamboo, these coasters would make a good eco-friendly gift.

Aqua Farm

Aqua Farm

The AquaFarm is an innovative self-cleaning fish tank that grows food! Perfect for a unique green gift, it includes everything you need to get started.

Solar lamp

solar lamps

Solar LED light puts the power of the sun in the palm of your hand, creating safe, convenient, sustainable light you can take with you wherever you go.

Eco-friendly lunch box

eco lunch box

Do away with the plastic boxes, especially for your kids. Get these eco-friendly lunch boxes that are made with steel.

Herb growing kit

herb growing kit

People who love organic food would appreciate a herb growing kit which is, both easy and eco-friendly to grow.

Reusable shopping bags

reuseable shopping bags

Each reusable shopping bag can save over 1,000 plastic bags from ending up in the local landfill or polluting our oceans. This gift will surely be appreciated for the thought behind it.

Solar powered toys

solar powered toys

Instead of buying toys and other play stuff that uses batteries, gift your kids, toys that can be powered by solar panels. It does not only use renewable energy, but it also gives the kids a sense of protecting the environment at their young age.

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