Gifting Tips

It is the toughest to buy gifts for some of the most important people in our life. Some of them either have everything, or some are hard to please. If you find yourself in dilemma about what to buy for the cousin who loves technology but has every latest gadget, or your dad who is an avid golfer and very practical when it comes to gifts, here are some tips on choosing gifts for such people:


Be nosy and talk more with your gift recipient to find out what they like and what their current interests are.

Ask questions

Talk to their close friends to get an insight into what their latest interests are or what they would want to get as a present.

Go social

Social media speaks a lot about a person. Check their social media to get hints about what you can buy them.

Keep an eye out

When you visit them, look for clues on what they like. Books they read, magazines they like, music they hear etc can give you an insight on what they like.

Buy a gift card when not sure

Gift cards make up excellent gift when you are not sure what to buy. Personalize the card and add some emotions to this present by packing it nicely and adding a personal note with it.

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