“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
― Maya Angelou

In today’s society, time has become the most precious resource. Trying our best to balance work-life in this fast-paced world, endlessly multitasking, and working long hours, we are less accustomed to being able to find time. Therefore, an experience is becoming increasingly attractive as a gift, as it strikes an emotional chord between two people.

Nothing can ever come close to gifting someone an experience that they would not forget in a lifetime. It surely won’t gather dust on the shelf! Now, it is far from being as simple as it sounds. The trick is to make the experience, a memorable one.

In order to find them the ‘perfect experience’ to gift, you must first know the kind of person that they are. Based on their personalities, here are the four main types of experiences that you can gift;

  1. Experiences that give you the adrenaline rush, like skydiving, racing, paragliding, or bungee jumping
  2. Relaxed weekend getaways such as drive up the lake house, a day at the beach, a cruise getaway or a sailing trip
  3. Classic and time-tested experiences such as a spa or tickets to any sports/concerts/plays
  4. Popular experiences like fishing or playing mini golf

Now, the secret to finding the ‘perfect experience’ to gift involves the 4 Ss. Allow me to explain:

The classic example to preserve the surprise element for ‘experience gifts’ is wrapping them (voucher/tickets) up in a big box. It might look like a giant materialistic gift, where they might start guessing anything from electronics to utilities and would truly be surprised when they open it.


Building up the suspense is the key to giving a great ‘experience gift’. Use decoys and teaser strategies. Creating a distracting story around the place or activity will heighten the suspense. Or, you could simply ask them to mark off a specific date(s) on their calendars without revealing anything more.

When giving an ‘experience gift’, show them the trouble you went through to give them something they love. Talk about the travel time involved, time involved in planning and executing the whole thing, and exhibit that you were prepared for every possible thing that could go wrong.


An experience is no fun if you don’t plan to share it with them. What fun would it be to watch a football alone, or go on a cruise alone. Ensure you take some time out to share the ‘experience gift’ with them. Hence, creating a memory that they would remember forever.

At the end of the day an ‘experience gift’ really is an explicit sign of investing in your relationship, whatever that it might be.


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