gifting etiquette

The manner of giving is worth more than the gift. We all love to give and receive gifts. Thoughtful and well packed gifts always make you feel special. Irrespective of cultures, there is some common gift giving etiquette that everyone should follow. It’s not only the thought but how you give it that matters.

Here are some general gifting etiquette which can make gift giving an art:

  • A gift should reflect the occasion or the event. Choose a gift according to the occasion.
  • Keep the likes and dislikes of the recipient in mind before buying the gift.
  • Wrap the gift neatly, creatively, and thoughtfully. Put it in a gift bag if you don’t have time to wrap.
  • Take note of cultural customs especially when giving a gift to someone (or client) from a different culture.
  • Add a personal note to the gift. It makes it more personal and thoughtful.
  • Think about when and how to give the gift. If the gift is too bulky, have it delivered at the recipient’s home.
  • If you are the recipient of the gift, show your gratitude. Remember the time thought and effort that went into selecting that gift.
  • Always that the person giving you the gift. Write a personal note, text message, email depending on formality and how expensive the gift is.

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