What to get the person who has everything is a hard question to answer for most of us. Yet it’s practically a law of gift giving that at least one person on our gift shopping list, whether it’s a boss or a grandfather, has everything.

If you’ve been scrounging through ads, surfing the websites, and wracking your noggin, then you can stop right here. This list contains 5 great gift ideas for what to get the person who has everything.

  1. Fine Art:
    A fine art photograph is a distinctive gift for that person who has it all. Stunning photographs of nature, from landscapes to wildlife, or hand-painted wall adornments, ready to be framed can blend in with any décor and will stand out as unique conversation pieces.
  2. Fun Skill:
    “I’ve always wanted to learn how to…” If those words sound familiar, then gift them vouchers to online workshops and classes to teach any craft that interests them. Your friend or family member can finally take that sewing class they’re always talking about or learn how to make her own veil for her upcoming wedding. It’s a fun way to give someone a skill that will last a lifetime.
  3. An Experience:
    When it comes to what to get the person who has everything, sometimes the best gift is an experience. From wine tasting, stockcar rides, to kitesurfing; whatever interests your loved one, friend, or boss, gift it to them.
  4. Books:
    When you need to know what to get the person who has everything, consider opening up an entire world for them. You can give a book. Choose from more than a quarter million paperback books and audio books.
  5. Mooments Gift Card:
    Puzzling out what to get the person who has everything can take some time. But giving them a Mooments Gift Card can make the process a whole lot easier. It doesn’t matter whether they choose perfume-making workshops or the newest gadgets, you’ll rest easy knowing you’re showing them what they mean to you—and you’re doing it in a unique and interesting way.

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