Looking for an inspiring gift for the social media lovers on your gifts list? We have the best list of gifts for people who love updating us about their everyday lives through social media.

Here are our top ten gifts for people who say ‘hashtag’ before everything or love to ‘checkin’ at every place and are self-proclaimed king or queen of the ‘selfie world’.

Emoji charm bracelet

social media gifts

This cute and chic piece of jewelry makes for a perfect gift for the Whatsapp-crazy teenagers. Get a charm bracelet made of their most-used emojis and watch them replicate the perfect smile emoji in their faces.

Status update notepad

social media gifts

Passing notes to friends or colleagues can be fun with this social media inspired notepad. Let us bring back the charm of good old hand-written notes.

Social media flip flop

social media gifts

Gift your Twitter crazy boss or Instagram-manic girlfriend, these personalized slippers and watch them grow their Twitter or Instagram followers.

Social media mug

social media gifts

Get a personalized mug with their favorite social media platform’s logo printed on it. You can also add a status message or a creative picture of you two that they love.

Hashtag ice maker

social media gifts

This Twitter-themed ice cube tray will surely impress the Twitter fans you have as friends. This also works as a great conversation starter at parties!

Hands-free phone holder

social media gifts

Gift the selfie-obsessed friend, this suction-cup phone accessory that helps the phone stick to certain surfaces for clicking hands-free photos or watching videos while doing their regular chores.

Social media cookie cutter set

social media gifts

This is specifically for the social media fans who love to bake. Gift them a social media inspired cookie cutter set or bake the cookies and gift them a box of social media cookies.

Social media inspired apparel

social media gifts

Let your friends or family members profess their love for social media with the social media inspired apparel. This is a gift they are sure to love.

Social media rolling pin

social media gifts

We have something special for the cooking enthusiasts who are also big on social media. Rainbow rolling pins! Gift your social media loving friends this rolling pin and they would thank you forever.

Social media totes

social media gifts

Convert their favorite social media platform to a vintage advertisement and get it printed on a tote bag. They are sure to think of you, every time they are stepping out of their houses with their new totes in tow.

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