Let’s admit it. Our boss at work is our best mentor. Part authority figure, part dispenser of advice, part sympathetic listener, part solution provider, our boss has always been there for us. So when it comes to showing appreciation and gratitude to our bosses, let us go beyond just the regular ‘World’s Best Boss’ coffee mug.

Read on for some great gift ideas that will show you care about your ‘work dad’ or ‘work mom’ without breaking the bank.

1.Desk plants:
Tiny plants such as succulents will brighten your boss’ desk with minimal effort.


2.Classy bookends:
Don’t be surprised when he/she takes the classy, yet functional bookends home with him/her.


3.Personalized card holder:
Every boss needs a card holder, even if it is only to show just how strong and sturdy he/she really is.


4.Quote paperweight:
If your boss is truly traditional, then it’s likely that he/she quotes a lot of famous philosophers and writers. Gift him/her a paperweight that will prove you’ve been listening.


5.Backup battery:
For battery longevity, especially while traveling, give your boss a backup battery for his/her Apple iPhone or iPod.


6.Digital picture frame:
Help him digitize the family photo that dons his desk at all time. Gift him a digital picture frame, and load an office group shot onto it when you do.


7.LCD e-writer:
LCD e-writer would help your boss jot down notes wherever he/she may be, helping him/her keep the notes organized and to easily delete them when needed.


8.Wireless Eye Massager:
Gift your boss this wireless eye massager that would provide relief from stressed out eyes.


9.Aromatherapy diffuser:
Help him/her relax at work in a very subtle way with this aromatherapy diffuser. It can be used with different scents, all of which will help ease stress.


10.Flexible LED book light
This LED book light would make it easy for your boss to read in the dark. It is flexible to fit the book being read and also doubles as a paperweight.


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