This Women’s Day, celebrate the spirit of womanhood. An epitome of sacrifice, care and love, women are an integral part of our lives. They play an all-enveloping character of a mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend and many more; hence they deserve the respect and special attention from us.

Women’s day is indeed a perfect occasion to give the special lovely ladies in your life a special treatment. Let the special women in your life know how much you care for them! A beautiful gift is the best way to make her feel special and beautiful gifts need not be pricey. We have the best gift ideas online for your mom, wife, friend and sister. Our women’s day gift ideas are so unique and captivating that you will definitely mesmerise at a glance.

So, this Women’s Day surprise the women you admire the most with the amazing gift ideas we have for you and let them know you are happy to have them in your life.



Books can never be old or useless. Buy her an inspiring book, or a biography which she can keep with her forever. Don’t forget to add a personal message at the start of the book.


Make her feel like a star and buy her flowers. You can also opt for potted plants or feng shui plants. You can buy potted plants in advance to save money during the shopping rush.

DIY Gifts

handmade gifts

Handmade stuff is always appreciated as it makes the person feel that you have taken the effort to make them happy. It can be anything like cake, cookies, dessert, or jewellery, home décor stuff, phone cover etc. All these are budget friendly and exclusive too.

A Gift Basket

gift basket

This gives you a chance to pick the things she likes and you can stick to your budget at the same time. Put together a basket of her favourite makeup, chocolates, candles, soaps, fragrance and she will surely love it.

Throw A Party

Why not throw her a potluck? You won’t even need to cook a lavish dinner. Have a fab party without spending any time in the kitchen. You can provide the music while she bonds with her friends.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are probably your safest bet. Buy her a gift card from her favourite brand on Mooments and show her how much you appreciate everything that she does for you.

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