When it comes to selecting baby gifts for twins, you should think a bit more practical. The parents will have all hands full with their pair of bundles and time for other things and activities will be extremely short. The most appreciated presents are either your time and help or gifts of a more practical nature that would make the life of the new parents at least somewhat easier.

Below are perfect fun gift ideas for twins:



Whether it is picture baby books for/about twins to read to the little ones or a special baby guidebook to having and raising twins, this gift will be helpful! You could also combine both and make a twins baby book gift basket.

Babysitting or housekeeping coupon


With two or more new babies in the house a babysitting coupon or a housekeeping coupon will be all the more appreciated. Offer your help around the household and with supervising the little ones, and it will not go unnoticed.

Baby bottle sling/hands-free bottle holder

baby bottle sling

These are a real life saver since new mummy has got her hands free for other things while baby drinks. This truly is a great and practical twin baby gift – and of course for singletons, too.

Kids’ wagon


A kids wagon helps in going around the town with the new twins. Plus it offers storage room for everything else needed for a fun day out with the kids.

Baby care timer

baby care timer

This is a must have for parents of twins. With the help of a baby care timer, the parents will never forget when to feed, change diapers, or give medication.

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