Sixteenth Bday Gifts

Sixteenth birthday is one of the most important milestones for anyone. It is very special for the person celebrating it and the gift should be equally special too. If you have been invited to a sixteenth birthday party, it’s time to look for some unique and memorable gifts. Here is a list of gifts to choose from:

Clone/Mini Me gifts

clone gifts

Custom made ceramic clone dolls make interesting gifts for teenagers. These clone dolls can be ordered online too and though they take time to be made they surely are unique gifts.

Adventure sports vouchers

Adventure sports

If the birthday boy/girl loves adventure, gift them gift vouchers to the adventure trails, hiking trip, aqua zorbing, or any other adventure sport of their choice

Zodiac/personalized pendant


Sweet 16 pendants are a memory forever. If budget is not a problem you can buy diamond or gold pendants with sweet sixteen written in them. You can also choose zodiac pendants for their sign.

Customized magazine cover framed

magazine cover

If the gift is for a fashionista or someone who is into styling, then getting a customized fake magazine cover printed and framed is perfect. Design the cover with information or personalized headlines about the teenager and you will surely impress her/him.



If you know the teen really well and know the gadgets he/she likes, you can buy his/her favorite gadget or accessories. E-Readers, tablets, music players all make good gifts for a sixteenth birthday.


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