25th Anniversary

There are so many presents that can be considered as 25th anniversary gifts for parents. Your gift need not be expensive but it has to reflect your emotions. You need not spend a lot as long as you know the purpose and importance of that gift. Here are some gift ideas to make your parents silver wedding anniversary special:

A memory frame

frame 25th anniversary

A 25th anniversary is represented by everything silver or silver plated. Gift them a silver frame with a memorable picture or even a personal story placed in it.

Small party or gathering

parents wedding anniversary

If your parents are not planning a party, you may call in a group of close friends, as well as relatives, and ask everyone to come with a story or picture of your parents.

Photo book

photo book

A photo book is definitely one of the gifts that will be most treasured by your parents. You may also add your personal comments to the photos, as parents will definitely love them and appreciate you more than they did before.

Music CD

music cd

Music is definitely a fantastic way to remind them of the special moments they had together, and may even have great fun listening to them along with you. Compile a CD using the music from the time when they got married.

Personalized family tree

personalized family tree

It is an artwork that best describes the bond within a family. Gift them a family tree wall art with all the members of the family represented in it.

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