kung fu panda

Kung Fu Panda is back this year and all the little fans are more than excited to meet their favorite character. If you have a fan of Kung Fu Panda characters or just the dragon warrior, Panda Po, we have a list of best gift ideas for the little fans of Kung Fu Panda.

School bag/Back pack

school bag

Get a backpack with their favorite character. Going to school with a favorite character for company is always fun.

Lunch box

lunch box

Get a lunch box with their favorite Panda Po printed on it and watch the box get empty in no time.

Soft toys

soft toys

Kids and even adults will love a cuddly Kung Fu Panda character soft toy.

Custom-printed t-shirt


Get a customized Panda Po t-shirt with their name on it and it will be surely appreciated.

Toy set

toy set

Get a Kung Fu panda Lego set or a toy set with the characters from the movie.

Crafts kit or stationery


If the kid is artistic and loves Kung Fu Panda, buy him/her stationery with their favorite characters on it or an art or coloring book with Kung Fu Panda theme.

Kung Fu Panda costume


All toddlers love to transform themselves into their favorite characters. Children costume is a fun birthday gift especially your kid is active and playful.

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