House Warming

Giving a house warming gift is a tradition Asia and in the west too. Giving a gift is great but giving useful gift is even better. Practical house warming gifts are always a welcome addition to any new home. Here is a list of practical and inexpensive gift ideas for house warming.

A plant

Plant Kit

If they have open spaces and if they love greenery, give a plant they can watch grow.

A tool box

tool kit

How much ever people plan well, there are things they miss out from the list and tools is one of them. Buy a tool kit or you can even DIY with the tools they will need to set up their new home.

Offer help to organize or cleanup

help organize

If you know the family well and share a close bond, best gift would be to stay back to organize their new home and cleanup. You can also offer to hire a cleaning service.

Monogrammed doormat

personalized doormat

Gift a monogrammed doormat or a doormat with some funny or quirky message.

Name plate

door hanging

Get a customized name plate done for their new home. You can also opt for a door hanging with message.

Gift card to nearest grocery store

grocery card

First few days for the new home owners will be very busy. Stocking their empty fridge is a great idea. You can gift them gift cards to their nearest grocery store.


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