Women are suckers for gifts! Every man who is married or has dated would know that. It’s the surprise and the sweetness of the gesture that women love the most.

There are so many unique, yet best gifts for women. Also, isn’t gifting a little bit of fun for men, too? Let us look at some of the most popular gift ideas for her:

Watches/ Watch Cases:


Like men, women are watch-lovers, too. But gifting a watch is a common idea! So how about gifting something that is related to a watch but it’s not a watch? Gift her a watch case, instead. A watch case can be a wonderful gift for an ardent watch collector. It would help her in storing, organizing and carrying the watches, when traveling easily and conveniently.

Jewellery Box:

gift ideas for her

There are very few women in the world who don’t like jewellery or accessories. Jewellery is said to be most women’s weakness. Every woman owns an elaborate collection of accessories from earrings and necklaces, to bracelets and bangles, and headgears and waist-bands. Hence, gifting her a beautiful jewellery box is always a great idea.

Shoe Racks/Shelves:


It is a known and a proven fact that there is nothing as too many pairs of shoes. Every woman loves to own pairs of footwear that can be worn with different outfits and on different occasions. With so many lovely pairs of footwear, it does get difficult to keep the space clutter-free. A shoe rack is undoubtedly a brilliant gift option that would help her keep all her footwear organised and maintain them well. In an age where she requires a lot of effort to manage work as well as home, let keeping her shoes organized not add to the burden.

Wallets for Women:
Different types of wallets impress different women. But we can all agree that most like their wallets to be really slim and lightweight. These are really convenient to carry around and also easy to use. But there are still too many options to choose from. Which is why a gift card from her favourite brand would work wonders for you. She would know that you care, but also that you appreciate her freedom to pick her own gift.

But don’t feel restricted to choose from the above. Mooments has a lot more variety to offer when it comes to gifting options.

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