Gift Ideas for Graduation

It’s graduation time. Every spring graduates around the world start a new chapter. While some head to the college for further studies, others get into the real world and start their graduate training or jobs.


Travel gift card

Before the step into the real world, give them a gift to explore the world. They can travel where they want to. You can also add travel gear to this gift.



If the graduate is starting a new job, this gift will be well appreciated. Buy him/her a gift card to a clothing store so they can style themselves for the office environment.


Grocery Gift

A food basket or grocery gift card will get them started in the real world when they move out of university accommodation into their new home. If they love to cook, you can also buy them a cookbook or cooking set.

Custom figurine

custom figurine

To make the occasion memorable, you can get them a custom figurine with a custom message to commemorate the day.


book gift

Help them enter the corporate world with confidence. Give them inspirational books or books about business world to help them settle in.


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