Lunar New Year is a time for family gatherings. Friends and families get together to celebrate and exchange gifts. Your gifts do not have to be fancy, and food and drink are acceptable gifts as well. New Year Gifts are preferably given in red, yellow and gold colors. When giving a gift at Chinese New Year, one must pay close attention to the color of the gift as well as the wrapping paper or bag in which it is delivered.

Choosing Chinese New Year gifts can be tough, especially if you aren’t familiar with the culture. Following are a few gift ideas you can consider while buying a gift for your friends this Chinese New Year:


Tea Chinese New Year Gift

Chinese love tea. Tea drinking is a part of their culture. Take a box of nicely packed tea. You can also pick a set of different teas.



Fruits and dry fruits are good gifts to take for your friends. Buy oranges and apples as they symbolize safety and fortune. Don’t gift pears. And whatever you buy, make sure it is of good quality and appropriately packed.

Tea Sets

Lunar New Year Gift

Tea sets make quaint, attractive additions to home dining sets. If your friend loves tea, tea sets make for a great gift. Make sure you pack the tea set in a basket or a nice gift box.



If your friend drinks, wine of good vintage would be a good idea. You can choose a sweet spirit based or something warm and woody, based on your friend’s preference.



Fancy, high-end tobacco gift packs or pipes make great gifts if your friend smokes. Buy a carton of your friend’s choice of tobacco or a really well-crafted pipe.

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