Chinese New Year is the most celebrated festival amongst the Chinese communities in Singapore. Chinese New Year marks the first day of the New Year in the Chinese calendar, which differs from the Gregorian calendar. It is also known as the Spring Festival.

Celebrating Chinese New Year is not to be missed, with its exuberant mix of vibrant colours, sounds and tastes as well as the age-old traditions. Chinese tradition usually calls for elders to give gifts to the youngsters. However, since the new year calls for gifts exchange, adults, and even children can get gifts for the senior members of their family. You can choose something that signifies that you care for their health and well being.

Here are a few gift ideas for elderly by us:

Foot Massager

foot massager

According to the traditional Chinese medicine, massage is a way to repair one’s body. You can choose a foot massager, or any other portable massagers to gift.


chinese clothes

If you share a very close relationship with the family member you are buying the gift for, you can even buy him/her clothes. Gift them the traditional clothes or even a sweater or a jacket to keep them warm.

Food Supplements

food supplements

According to the Chinese beliefs, winter is the time to nourish your body. You can buy your elders, gift packs of nourishing foods, supplements and herbs.

Gloves, Scarves, Or Hats


Gloves, scarves and hats make for some very good gifts for the elderly. But ensure that you don’t gift a green hat to men as it is considered inauspicious. To be safe, avoid colors like black and white as well. Red would be the favorite color this season. Or you can pick any warm earthy alternate for the same such as orange or yellow.

Mooments has a score of gift cards that can also make for some really thoughtful gifts for the elderly. Whatever you decide to give, give it with both your hands and with lots of love and respect.

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