Easter is not only about chocolates. There are many more interesting gifts you can buy for the preschoolers or toddlers. Here is a list of Easter gifts that will surely last longer than chocolates and will make memorable gifts for kids without breaking your bank.

Soft toy bunny

soft toy bunny

Buy a bunny they can cuddle up and sleep with. Look for bunnies with a soothing sound and light which can help the little ones fall asleep.

Bunny books

bunny books

There plenty of famous bunny stories for kids of all ages. Gift them a board book or story book based on their age. You can also order a personalized story book with your toddler as one of the characters.

Personalized Easter bunny basket

personalized easter basket

Get a bunny basket with your toddlers name on it and they will be more than excited to collect Easter eggs in their Easter basket.

Egg coloring kit

egg coloring kit

Buy them a coloring kit which they can use to paint the Easter eggs. If you are buying it for a preschooler or toddlers make sure the paints are non toxic and kid friendly.

Easter bunny dress up kit

bunny dress up kit

All toddlers love pretend play and who wouldn’t want to dress up as a bunny and collect eggs.

Bunny hat

bunny hat

Get a bunny hat with their name embroidered or printed on it.

Easter garland kit

easter garland kit

An Easter Garland kit is the perfect treat for the crafty kiddo who is excited for spring.

Easter egg chalk

easter egg chalk

For the creative toddlers who love to draw or scribble, buy Easter egg shaped chalk.

Windup toys

wind up toys

All kids love windup toys. Buy a pair or bunny and chick windup toys and watch the fun.

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