Here are some useful gifts for bike riders. Whether someone is a casual bike lover or loves their bike too much, these gift ideas will surely fill them with joy.

Customized bike helmet


Take an ordinary bike helmet and make it extraordinary by adding your own sense of style.

Reflective safety belt

safety belt

It’s one piece of night ride gear that all cyclists should have after dark.

Magnetic bike lights

magnetic bike lights

Gift them few magnetic bike lights so they can stick to the bike where ever the biker likes.

Word lock bike lock

word lock

Remembering numbers is not easy for few people. Gift them a word lock which uses a word for combination instead of numbers.

Bicycle cup holder

bicycle cup holder

Perfect gift for the green commuter that rides their bike into work each day, it puts the cup in just the right place to grab and sip at red lights.

First aid kit

first aid kit

If they ever take a spill they’ll be prepared with this road rash first aid kit.

Bike bells

bike bells

Interesting bike bells make good gifts. Choose colorful or creative bells.

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