Buying gifts for adventure seekers is fun. Before they set out on another adventure trip, why not equip them with tools to navigate the world in style! Whether it is camping in the backyard or backpacking around the world, whether it is skydiving or surfing, there are plenty of gift options for the adventure seekers. Here is a list of useful and popular gifts for people who love outdoors and adventures.

Sleeping bag

sleeping bag

Adventures are all about spontaneity and you never know when a sleeping bag can come handy.

Clip or Swiss knife

swiss knife

Whether you are a hiker, sportsman, cyclist or a globetrotter; a Swiss knife, or a folding clip knife is always handy to have.

Hiking boots

hiking boots

These make the perfect gifts for people who love outdoors. Don’t forget to add a pair of unbreakable shoe laces with the boots.



Binoculars are a must have for all adventure seekers. A pair of good binoculars will ensure the best view of the world.

Portable battery pack

portable battery pack

Being digitally unavailable is the last thing you would want when on an adventure. Gift your adventure-seeking friend or family member, a pack of few portable batteries to save their phone battery life.


Go Pro

This is one of the most popular gifts among all adventurers. Whatever it may be that they like to do, GoPro helps them record all those memories.

Lightweight hammock

light weight hammock

Gift them a lightweight hammock that can be easily packed into the backpack. Whether they ditch their regular tent or not, the hammock always adds a welcome touch of comfort to any campsite.


adventure books

Gift a book on how to survive tough situations while they are on an adventure or how to look for directions without a compass. Or just any book to kill time while they wait for their next adventure.

Pocket journal

pocket journal

You never know when an inspiration would strike. Or even if they simply like to record their journey, a pocket journal makes for a good gift.

Hydration pack

hydration pack

A hydration pack will make sure you get the fluids you need. It helps a lot during long hikes and treks.

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