Weddings. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Have we not always found it easier to gift cash than go through the trouble of scouting for the perfect gift? But let us also agree that, it has been widely stigmatized as a thoughtless gift chosen by the lazy bones, and a well-wrapped gift is more personal, and socially more acceptable.

A great gift anticipates the recipient’s wants and needs, while alleviating the burden of browsing through the endless options for the buyer. That kind of gift is worth far more than the actual price tag and is what actually drives creative gift giving.

Unfortunately, most gifts result in forced smiles of appreciation, or even worse, as a recycled gift, meaning it changes hands and ends up with somebody else.

We have found the perfect solution to this age-old problem. Gift cards. A gift card is a great gift. And two reasons why:

  1. Gift cards are guilt-free

You may feel a little guilty about giving a gift card, but buying things with a gift card can relieve guilt for the recipient. Also, people feel less guilty for buying personal luxuries with gift cards than spending their own cash. They usually prefer to use the money that they have for household necessities. So, gift cards are the perfect way to ensure your loved one indulges in something they otherwise probably would not have.

  1. ‘Personalized’ gift cards

Just as all gifts, every gift card is not perfect for everyone. Where you get it from matters. The perceived difference in the value of gift cards does not just relate to the associated brand or store but also extends to the relationship you share with the gift recipient. If you get a gift card for a casual acquaintance, he/she may prefer a card that is from Lazada, so it can be used for everyday expenses. However, if the gift card is for your boyfriend, an Edit Suits gift card would imply some thought given to the purchase.

The closer the relationship, the more specialized the gift card should be. For me, a gift card from BYSI, or BEGA would do the trick.

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