Food gifts have shot up in popularity in a climate of growing “what-to-buy” gift-giving frustration. When people want to show love through gifts, they opt for gifts of indulgence and experience, gifts that can be shared, and gifts that are sure to please — all of which encompasses food!

Food Is Gift For All Occasion
While certain holidays such as Christmas present themselves as the perfect occasion for food gifting, more recently, gifting food for graduations, birthdays, house-warming and other such occasions are on the rise. Increasing options of customization and evolving food taste, including the desire for more organic, ethnic, and wellness varieties have contributed to the rise.

Specialty Food Gifts
People who are willing to spend a little more, usually opt for “specialty food gifts”, such as assortments, nuts and salty snacks, candies and boxes of chocolates. Primarily classified as treats that recipients would not ordinarily buy for themselves. Quality and variety, as well as attractive packaging makes for good specialty food gifts.

Corporate Food Gifting
Corporate food gifting has seen considerable momentum due to increased emphasis on maintaining a strong employer-employee relationship, and companies creating gifts designed to appeal their employees. Boxed chocolates and candies are the most commonly chosen food gift that are bought for corporate gifting. Other common food gifts include sweet baked foods, coffee/tea/hot chocolate and nuts and salty snacks.

Personalized Food Gifts
Food gifts are also the easiest to personalize. It may depend on the recipient’s food preferences or the latest food trends. The hottest new flavors to hit the scene include those that draw inspiration from breakfast staples, exotic fruits and nostalgic treats. Some of the top flavors this season are maple syrup, bacon, blueberry muffins, and blood orange. Tea is popular, too! Especially the rich loose leaves and flavored ice tea. English toffee, pecan turtles, and chocolate truffles. The choices are aplenty.

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