Labor day is around the corner and it is time to reward your employees for all their dedication and hard work. Research has proven that appreciation and recognition are the top two motivational factors for employees’ satisfaction and increased engagement.

Showing appreciation does not cost a lot. If you are looking for gift ideas to show your employees or your team how much you value them, we have listed a few interesting and creative gift ideas to help you recognize your employees.

Desk organizer

desk organizer

This is a classic office gift. Choose a creative and interesting desk organizer that can hold everything from pens and other smaller stationary items to their mobile.

Smartphone projector

smart phone projector

Smartphone projectors add a bit of fun to any break room. Ensure that it features multi-X magnification lens and a good silicone grip to hold the phone.

Desktop ping pong

employee appreciation gift

Want to add some fun to your office floor? Gift a desktop ping pong which can transform a normal office desk into a mini ping pong table for those much-needed breaks in between work.

Charging valet for devices

employee appreciation gift

A device charging valet would make a much-appreciated gift. And would also ensure that your employees do not spend time trying to get their mobile phones charged via the traditional power outlet in the break room.

Business card case

employee appreciation gift

This is another classic employee gift. Choose a handcrafted and stylish business card holder. You could even personalize it for the added bit of sensitivity.

Personal desk fan

employee appreciation gifts

This makes a perfect gift for people who spend long hours at their desk. In some offices, the air-conditioning is not uniform across the floor. This could give the employees the much-needed respite from the heat.



Add a bit of greenery to their desks. For people who love nature, a bonsai plant makes a great gift.

Word stones

employee appreciation gifts

Get a set of cute and simple word stones with inspirational words for your employees to motivate them. This could also act like a great team bonding exercise.

Ultimately, the thumb rule for picking any gift for your employees is to ensure that you get them something that will make them feel appreciated.

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