If you have a girlfriend who is more into technology than into fashion, Valentine’s Day is just about the right time to buy her some new tech toys to play with. Resist the urge to buy the predictable gifts this season and give her the tech-centric gift that truly would stand out.

Style and function are on the top of our mind here. Today’s gadgets are just as much about style as they are about substance. In pulling together this list of great tech gifts, we focused on items that are specifically for her. Here’s a list of all the cool tech gifts for her that you could invest in:

Selfie Cameras

Selfie Camera

Who doesn’t take selfies these days? There are flip screen cameras built specifically to take selfies. A nice selfie cam is sure to please your lady love.

Smart Jewelry

smart pendant

Smart pendants are the perfect example of a piece where elegant design meets technology. From Bluetooth enabled bracelets to rings and even necklaces, tech jewelry is as chic as it gets. Who needs to have a phone handy when a pendant or a bracelet can alert you on all the notifications.

Fitness Band

Fitness Band

If your girlfriend is a fitness freak, why not buy her a fitness band? There are a lot of fitness bands which actually look good and also come in various colors. You just have to pick the one you think she will like the best!

Smart Watch

smart watch

Smart watches are probably the most popular and sought-after gifts these days. Buy her a smart watch for the Valentine’s Day and be forever branded as the best boyfriend ever!


tech gifts for her_Tablet

Don’t write off the tabs as yet. They make good gifts if your girlfriend is constantly on the move and needs to multitask. Gift her a sleek touch screen tablet and she will surely appreciate it.

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