New Year is the most awaited festival amongst the kids in Chinese culture. Elders in the family play ‘Santa’ to their kids by giving them gifts and red packets (hongbao) filled with money. The main traditional celebrations of the festival include eating reunion dinner with family, firecrackers, new clothes, and decorations.

If you have been invited to a Chinese new year party, don’t forget to buy gifts for the little ones in the family. Select gifts which express your good wishes for their success and good health. Don’t forget to wrap your gifts in red or pink.

Here are a few new year gift ideas for kids that they would love:



Books represent your best wishes for their education and future. Select some classic reads or if you know the child’s interests, you can choose a book based on his/her hobbies.

School Supplies

chinese new year gift idea

All kids love school supplies like fancy stationery, books, pens, or craft supplies. Remember to pack your gifts well if you are taking more than one item.

Red Packets

Red packets

These are the most traditional gifts in the Chinese culture. If you want to impress your host, take a few red packets with money in them. Remember to put money in even numbers only.


Toys for kids are always welcome as gifts. Based on the child’s age, you can select some good quality toys. Since this is the year of Fire Rooster, you can select stuffed chicken toys or wooden toys to gift.


Perhaps this is one of the most loved gifts. Take some chocolates or assorted candies with you and the kids will surely love you for this gift.


clothes Gifts

If you know the hosts well and are close to the family, you can gift clothes to their kids. A jacket, a scarf, or even a dress is a good idea.

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